A: Paraffin wax is a byproduct of the oil purification process. Through a dewaxing process that crude oil undergoes, paraffin wax is derived and is then processed further for use in products. 

Q: What are Tiers in your candle making process?

A: We use the term Tiers to describe how we construct and price our candles. Tier 1 being the simplest and Tier 6 being the more complex.

Q: What is food grade paraffin?

A: Food-grade paraffin wax is considered edible. It is composed of vegetable oils, palm oil derivatives, and synthetic resins, plus other materials that pass through the body undigested and contain no nutritional value.

Q: Why is the flame on my candle high?

A: If you find that your candle flames are burning too high, the potential cause is that the wick is too long, and needs to be trimmed.

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